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High School Formal Photography

Are you in need of some school formal photography for your year 10 or year 12 formal event this year?
We can help you out with a whole bunch of different deals to suit your budget.

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After we come along to your formal and you have ordered and paid for a photo you will get login information to view and purchase other photos taken on the night.

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We specialise in School Formal Photography so when you ask us to come and photograph your formal, we make sure you are provided with a professional service and a guarantee of getting great pictures to remember your awesome night. This is one of the biggest events of your life so far. You want to make sure you will look as good as you possibly can! Selfies are fine but you need a professional photo taken with studio lighting to look your absolute best. We use professional lighting and camera equipment to ensure your school formal photos are of the highest quality. You wont pay over the top prices either. We can also offer same night services.
If there is one thing I could have done differently for our formal, it would be to have hired a professional photographer for our formal. The photos my friends took were OK but none of them showed my full dress and shoes I spent so much on.
If you would like to compliment your School Formal Photography with a Video on DVD then we can also provide a DVD service for those who wish to capture speeches and the music and dancing on the night. We can also provide professional but fun videos of your night to enable you to catch things that still photos alone cannot. Things like the dancing, the music, the speeches, the whole night can be summarised on one DVD to remember forever. Imagine looking back at it when you are 40 !

  • Graduation Photography
  • Graduating Seniors Portraits
  • School Formal Portraits
  • Roaming Photography
  • Online photo sales
  • Package printing
  • Proof albums

High quality digital capture equipment

  • Supply studio Backdrops
  • Professional Studio lighting
  • Instant onsite image approval

  • Seniors Photography is big in the US and gaining more and more popularity here in Australia. It’s not photos of old people but rather a High School Seniors’ post graduation photo session.

    Post graduation photo sessions.

    Seniors Photography is big in the US and gaining more and more popularity here in Australia. Its not photos of old people but rather a post graduation photo session. You set aside a day get you hair and makeup done and go out with a photographer and get some nice natural candid photos around Sydney. Why not give it a go! You could find the photos can come in handy for a variety of uses from the resume you will be sending to prospective employers to sample images to get into that agency you like. Even if it is just some nice photos for your parents or boyfriend or girlfriend we can organise a session with 3 or four different looks and locations to suit your budget. You can even bring a buddy along for free!

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  • Win a free photo session. For a limited time we are offering 2 free photo sessions to 2 lucky people. In 50 words or less tell us why you deserve to win.Post it in our Blog
  • For those of you who need a little help on how to tie the half Windsor knot.Click here to see a video on How to tie a Windsor knot.

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